Coffin Nail Inspo - 24 Designs That You Must See

Coffin Nail Inspo - 24 Designs That You Must See

I have been considering going coffin shaped with my nails and needed some coffin nail inspo. After collecting some of my favorites, I decided to share with you my findings.

There are many different ways to go with this shape and the possibilities are endless.

You can go short, you can go medium, you can go long or you can go extra long!

In case you don't know already, I will answer a few frequently asked questions about coffin nails below.

What are coffin nails?

The coffin nail shape is usually a long nail that tapers and then has a flat tip. The nail shape is also commonly called ballerina nails. They tend to be pretty flashy because longer nails tend to have more art on them. But they can also be very simple with just one color.

Is there a difference between ballerina nails and coffin nails?

They are so similar that most people use the terms interchangeably. That said, Ballerina nails will have slightly soft rounded edges - barely enough to notice. While coffin are generally more flat edged. For the purposes of this article, we just call them all coffin nails.

Where does the name for coffin nails and/or ballerina nails come from?

The coffin name is because the shape is similar to that of a coffin.

The ballerina name is in reference to the shape of a ballerinas shoe tip. The shape is similar to that.

Should coffin nails always be long?

Some people have short nails that are coffin shaped and I will share with you a few photo examples below. But it's more popular for them to be long, and for some people, they even go extra long!

Are coffin nails sturdy?

Coffin nails are not as strong as square or round nails, but if you get them as gel nails or acrylic nails, then they should be sturdy enough to last a couple weeks. Keep in mind that the shape is more likely to break or be brittle. Learn more about nail shapes in our nail shape guide.

Enjoy my collection of coffin shaped nails, please let me know if you have questions or want to be feature here!

Coffin Nai lnspo

A collection of photos for inspiration for your next set of coffin nails.

Basic Simple Coffin Nail Ideas

Pretty Purple Coffin Nails

Light pastel purple coffin nails
image: nailsbyamandy

This set of simple purple acrylic nails coffin shaped are so pretty and not too long.

royal blue matte coffin nails
image: larmoirenails

I love the simple coffin nail look. Medium length coffin nails painted a matte navy blue. Classy and feminine. Definitely some beautiful coffin nail inspo here!

Pretty in Pink Nude Coffin Nails

Pinkish nude coffin nails.
image: nailartistjessica

About as simple and neutral as you can get. These gel nails are a natural pink color and are beautiful! If you're into the lasted trend of Nude Nails, you will love this set.

Bright Hot Pink Glitter Coffin Nails

hot pink glitter coffin nails.
image: its_k8s_nails

If you like pink, but want them a little brighter, check out these simple short coffin nails in hot pink glitter polish!

Awesome Long Coffin Nails

XL Clear Coffin Nails with Black Outline

clear coffin nails with black outline
image: magisnails

Super clear nails and a thin black outline around the whole nail. These XL coffin nails are pretty simple, yet unique.

Extra Long Black Coffin Nails with Glitter Ombre

XL black coffin nails with iridescent glitter ombre
image: gxnailz

These nails are flashy, but simple at the same time. I love the dark look! This coffin nail inspo has me wanting to see more!  I think this set could even be good for Halloween as they give off a witchy vibe to me!

XL Pink and Yellow Coffin Nails with Dried Flower Nails

yellow and pink ombre xl coffin nails with flowers embeded like amber
image: quinann

Holy cow these nails stand out! Not only with the color and the length, but there are also accent nails on each hand with flowers. This method is made with the flowers encapsulated into gel or acrylic for creating the dried flower nails. It's a new trend, and this set is perfect for pink and yellow nails.

These shocking nails will surely draw attention everywhere you go! They're beautiful and pretty amazing!

Butterfly Coffin Nails + Ombre Coffin Nails

long coffin nails, orange yellow white ombre and ombre butterflies
image: kay.nails38

There's a couple of things going on in this set, first we have butterflies that on on 2 of the fingers, half a butterfly on each. Then we have ombre nail art on the other fingers. Sort of a "candy corn" ombre feel with the white orange and yellow. These nails make me smile they are so cheery!

Blue and Yellow Acrylic Nails - Coffin Ombre Nail Art

yellow and blue nails, ombre nails and coffin nails
image: ttmn.beautybar

Blue and yellow ombre nails. One hand is yellow ombre, the other is blue ombre. A simple set of white coffin acrylic nails, yet they are pretty hip looking.

Hot Pink Coffin Nails + Neon Green Coffin Nails

glow in the dark pink and green neon ombre coffin nails
image: iamm3lt3d

Extra long acrylic nails that glow in the dark??!! Heck yah!

Hot pink coffin nails on one hand and the other hand is neon green coffin nails. Both are in sort of an ombre marble swirl look.

Bright Geometric Coffin Nails

geometric coffin nails, xl nails, colorful stripes nails
image: keesnails

There's a lot of funk going on in these nails! You got geometric shapes, lines, ombre lines and even polka dot lines.

I love the geometric look in this coffin nail inspo!

Fall Coffin Nails

Fall coffin nails with matte terracotta orange and leopard print with a stripe of gold.
image: @vivalavonnails

I love this fall coffin nails set. The orange brown color is more like a terracotta. Yet it's matte to contrast next to the shiny leopard print nail art on the tips. Brown coffin nails are perfect for the Autumn season.

Purple Water Marble Coffin Nails

Purple water marble coffin nails
image: linds_nails12

Water marbling nails in many shades of purples. This method of nail art can be a messy process but the results are always to-die-for! You can also purchase nail stickers that are already this "look", if you don't want to do the whole process of water marble nails.

Clear Acrylic Coffin Nails with Foil

foil nail designs nail art on coffin nails, purple, gold, pink and blue ombre nude nails.
image: nailsbynikkinailz

Clear acrylic coffin nails with a foil nail design. The foil comes in purple, gold, blue and pink. This foil nails look is super unique.

Lime Green Coffin Nails with 3D White Flower Accent

3d coffin nails, green with 3d flowers and gems attached.
image: naildbysarahi

Extra long coffin nails in a lime green color. There is a 3D white flower on each accent nail plus some clear gems attached to a few of the nails.

Super Chic 3D Gothic Coffin Nails

xl coffin nails with lots of designs: golden gothic lettering on black nails, crystals attached, and black flower on nude nails.
image: claws_bybrenda

Not for the faint of heart! The ultimate in 3D coffin nails. These are truly super adorned nails. Gothic coffin nails that are chic and fun with 3D flowers and gems. Plus some gold lettering in gothic style.

Short Coffin Nail Ideas

No Bad Vibes - Short White Coffin Acrylic Nails

short white coffin nail shape with evil eye nail art blue and gold.
image: _nailsbyerica

No bad vibes. These white coffin acrylic nails are super fun! They are adorned with the evil eye motif and some astrological signs in gold, navy blue and turquoise blue.

Summer Coffin Nails

short coffin nails with blue and yellow gold swirls
image: 23berry_bar

These summer coffin nails remind me of lounging by the swimming pool. Although these aren't super short, they are considered short coffin nails. Coffin nail inspo for spring and summer! Cheers!

Bad-Ass Black Matte Acrylic Nails

short black coffin nails in matte with a white accent nail with stripes and leaf design.
image: allielambertus

Black matte acrylic nails are super hip and bad ass! If you're into this look, these short black coffin nails are really cool and they even include a white accent nail with black design on them - stripes and a leafy branch.

Coral Orange Short Gel Coffin Nails with Nail Stamp Art

Set of different hues of orange and coral nails, coffin shaped, one accent nail with black flower nail stamps.
image: samhoey_nailartist

Summer coffin nail set on these short nails. Bright oranges and one accent nail includes some nail stamping in black of a pretty flower design!

Christmas Coffin Nails + Winter Coffin Nails

Christmas Coffin Nails with Poinsettia

Christmas coffin nails, red, turquoise, poinsettia, glitter
image: nails.byb19

A cute set of Christmas coffin nails. Your nail artist will love these beauties with poinsettias and gems!

Christmas Nail Art with Candy Cane Stripes and Gift Motifs

Christmas Coffin Nail Art with candy cane stripes and presents & gifts designs.
Image: _byfayex

A really fun set of Christmas coffin nails for anyone who is in the holiday spirit and gifts. However, it might be a little hard wrapping gifts with nails this long!

Winter Coffin Nails with Snowflake

Winter coffin nails with snowflake and some glitter. Red coffin nails.
image: nail.sartbyjovy

These red coffin nails are full of the Christmas Spirit. They are one of the cutest set of winter coffin nails I've seen. Love the look of red Christmas nails coffin shaped. Winter coffin nail inspo is so fun!

Winter Coffin Nails with Sweater Nails and Candy Cane Nails

purple coffin nails with candy cane nail, glitter, stars, gems and a textured sweater nail
image: mzsofi__

A popular trend is to make a nail look like a fall or winter sweater. These gel nails were made to create on sweater nail, a candy cane nail, a glitter nail - all in the purple theme.


I gathered this set off of instagram looking for a handful of ideas to get you inspired. Hopefully you like what you see and this gives you an easy way to share with your nail tech for examples of what you're looking for.

We went through simple coffin nails, long coffin nails, short coffin nails Christmas coffin nails and winter coffin nails. It was a lot to see and I hope you feel inspired.

coffin nail inspo with text
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