The Best Guide: 50+ Halloween Nail Art Designs

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If you're looking for Halloween nail art inspiration, look no further. We've got a ton of spooky, fun ideas that are sure to make your friends say "Like, Wow!"

If you're more into witches than ghosts, check out our witch nail art ideas! Or if you'd rather get into the holiday spirit with a little less blood and guts (or maybe because you're just not into it), we have candy corn nail art and even pumpkin nail art!

We also have some great ghost nail art ideas—try a simple ghost floating around your nails or go for something more scary like a screaming ghost or more cute like kitty ghost nails! You can also try some spider nail art, which is perfect for someone who loves things that creep.

We've even got a few awesome Nightmare Before Christmas nail art ideas that are sure to wow you.

We will share with you 50+ Halloween Nail Art ideas here in this post. Click one of the categories below to view something specific. Enjoy!

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

A huge collection of designs in so many categories. Find your Halloween inspiration!


Trippy Drippy Jack-o-Lantern nails

Hand painted jack-o-lanterns on nails, with trippy drippy effect.
image via @swaknails

There's nothing more "Halloween" than pumpkins. I love this press on nail set with some seriously trippy hand painted jack-o-lantern nail art. I love how each nail is different and all are amazingly drippy pumpkin faces. Great for Halloween or just Fall nail art in general.

Cute Pumpkin Nails with Ghost Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art with ghosts and glitter.
image via @801mpnails_

Ok, so if you’re looking for CUTE fall nail ideas, these halloween pumpkin nail art designs are it! A pumpkin hand-painted on each nail (except the ring finger is a golden glitter accent nail). A cutesy ghost is sitting on the middle finger pumpkin and then there is a little black star on each nail too, just to give it a little sparkle. Adorable Autumn Nail art for the whole month of October!

Punk Rock Pumpkin Claws

Punk rock, sharp nails stiletto nail style with spooky jack-o-lantern and glitter flames and webs.
image via @clawzbyjaycee

These spooky jack-o-lantern nails are Hot! Ring nail is the jack-o-lantern, middle nail is black with orange glitter spiders web, pointer finger is black with orange glitter flame, pinky nail is orange and black glitter. The thumb nail is hard to see in this pic, but it’s a black nail with a spider, and the spiders body is a green jewel! It’s amazing! These are acrylic nails with gel polish. Check out the artists instagram for more great nail art. @clawzbyjaycee

Pride Nail Art - Pumpkin Style!

Rainbow pride pumpkins nail art done with nail stamping technique.
image via @nailsbykimmiexo

These nails were created using nail stamps using a rainbow of colors. Nail stamps are available online like these ones on Etsy. I just love the choice of color in these. It's almost like tie dye nail art or even watercolor nail art. Either way it's amazing work! Show your Halloween spirit with these fun pumpkin nails created with nail stamping. If you want to learn more about nail stamping, check out our post all about it here.

Bright Pink Nails with Pink Pumpkins!?!

Pink pumpkins on nail art, created with nail stamps.
image via @diy4digits

Pink pumpkin nail art? YUP! These are a twist on the standard pumpkin nail art, yet the pumpkins are PINK! Regardless, this is cute girly pumpkin nail art. Would be great as nail art for girls. These nails were created using nail stamps on these short natural nails. They also added a little glitter for some shimmery fun.

Cute pink nail inspo for pumpkin heads!

Spooky Halloween Nails featuring Jack-o-Lanterns

Black nails with spooky jack-o-lantern faces on each nail.
image via @hopepsychotherapyofhouston

Short black nails with glowing jack-o-lantern faces are super creepy horror halloween nails. If you’re looking to creep people out with your nail art, these are a good choice. I love the glow art like there is a flame under your nail shining through the faces. Amazing nail design and black nail inspo for halloween!

Autumn Leaves Pumpkin

Dark blue painted nails with autumn leaves and a pumpkin.
image via @unnecessarilyuntidynails

These pretty autumn themed nails are so cute. Hand painted fall leaves on a navy blue nail. The white accent nail has just a sprinkle of glitter and a hand-painted pumpkin on it. Really cute October nails for getting into the fall spirit.

Orange Glitter Nails with Pumpkin Accent Nail

Fingernails painted bright orange glitter polish with accent nail an orange pumpkin.
image via @dark_clawed

Orange glitter short almond nails. The ring finger accent nail is nude with a orange glitter and black pumpkin hand painted on it. Super simple, yet very festive for fall.

Multi-Color Pumpkin Nail Art

Nude nail polish with a pumpkin on each nail a different color.
image via @enhancebyac

Cute autumn nails with hand-drawn glitter pumpkins on each nail. The background is an off white on almond shaped nails. They all are different colors adding to the autumn flair. Yellow, orange, blue, green, and even pink pumpkins on the thumbs. I love how random they are and they really shine brightly as beautiful fall nail art.

Spooky Jack-o-lantern Claws

Orange almond nails with jack-o-lanterns on each nail.
image via @raven_claws_nails

These almond mountain peak gel nails are bright orange with a different jack-o-lantern face on each nail. Amazing hand painted nail art. Love how spooky and fun these are for the Halloween season.

Pumpkin Pride with Nail Stamping

Nail stamp art done with pumpkin theme and pride theme.
image via @ghostlynails

Amazing nail stamping nail art. These pumpkins show their pride. They are pride pumpkins for sure! Rainbow pumpkin nail art. They were created using the nail stamping method. Colorful rainbow pumpkins on these black short square nails are super hip!

Simple Black Nails with Pumpkin & Moon

Simple black square nails with one pumpkin accent nail and a cute yellow crescent moon.
image via @glam_lab_

Looking for something simple, but yet still show your love for Halloween? These black nails are it! They are short square nails with an orange pumpkin on the ring finger and a tiny yellow crescent moon on the pointer finger. I love the subtle nail art on these ones, they are still spooky and get me excited for Halloween! Created using nail stamps. See our complete guide on nail stamping here.


Hipster Nail Art for Witches

Black and white hipster pop nails includes witch imagery.
image via @adlar_nails

A mix of long black and white acrylic coffin nails and long black and white acrylic stiletto nails. Amazing work! Love the witchy look. Super funky and hipster nail art. Eyes, flames, crescent moons, stars - all wrapped up into this full set of nails for anyone looking for some gothic nail art.

This set is a combo of two nail shapes: Stiletto and Coffin Nails which is super unique and bold!

Sun + Moon Witchy Thumb Nails

Pointy nails, black and white, with Sun and Moon.
image via @adlar_nails

These thumb nails go along with the previous black and white set shown above. The hand painted nail art of sun and moon is so amazing!! Moon nail art and Sun nail art is so popular right now. It can be tied to all things mystical and magical. I can’t believe my eyes. I love these mystic nails! Super trendy nail art. Black and white nail inspo.

Dancing Witch Nail Art

Orange and yellow halloween nail art with dancing witches in black.
image via @caitlinvnails

If you’re a witch at heart and looking for witchy nails, these are super fun. Includes watercolor looking background of yellow, orange, red and a hint of purple. They were then stamped with dancing witches! Apparently these glow in the dark, too! Perfect for Halloween nail art for any witchy women out there. One of my favorite short oval nails designs for Halloween I’ve seen with witches on them.

Bubbly Green Witches Cauldron Nail Design

Slimy Creepy Green Bubbles nail art for witch costume.
Image via @shanonhughes1968

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble! Famous witch chant from Shakespeares MacBeth. If you’re feeling witchy, these bubbly cauldron nails are fun and creepy at the same time! A nice green bubbly color on these rounded short nails. Green nail inspo for anyone looking for a magic potion look on their nails.

Magical Moon and Stars Witchy Nails

Nail art: one hand with black ombre, the other white ombre. Both have golden stars and crescent moons.
image via @bee.and.nails

Medium stiletto nails. One hand is black ombre themed nails, and the other hand is white ombre themed nails. Both include golden nail decals - crescent moons and stars. Amazing gradient nail art. Black to clear gradient nails and white to clear gradient nails. These Halloween nails give off a witch vibe that will add some Halloween magic to your costume.

Long Stiletto Deep Purple Nails for the Witch at Heart

Long stiletto nails, deep purple glitter polish. Gel nails.
image via @jasmyne_ambrosia

Super long stiletto shaped nails painted a deep dark red-purple glitter polish. Great long goth nails for anyone who’s looking to spice up their witchy witch Halloween costume this year.

Harry Potter Witch Symbol Nail Design

Harry Potter witch symbol nail art.
image via @littlehouseofnails_

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might love these short Harry Potter Halloween nails. These simple short nails will go with any day of the year really, if you’re a true fan! Dark, with symbols of crescent moons, stars and other themes that say this is Harry Potter nail art.

Red & Black Goth Witch Nail Art Design

Gothic nail art: red, black and clear polish with witchy symbols.
image via @thepetitnailcompany

Who’s looking for witch nails that are goth nail art with symbols include pentagrams and other creepy red symbols. This is sorcery nail art at it’s finest. Halloween nail art can be anything you want them to be. These Almond gel nails would go great with some scary gothic Halloween costume ideas.

Clear Hipster Witch Nails

Clear press on nails with witch symbols in hipster style.
image via @lovely.llnda

These clear gel press on nails are amazing! The hipster-style nail art is super cool. Hand painted nail art includes the phases of the moon nail art, eyeball nail art, a snake and a sun nail design. Super witchy feel going on here. Love the hipster look.

Slytherin Harry Potter Witch Nail Art

Slytherin Nails for Harry Potter. Green, black, white, gold symbols.
image via

Are you still looking for Harry Potter nail ideas? Here is some Slytherin nail art for you. Of course you got your greens thrown in there and there are some good hand painted Slytherin art of golds and blacks and milky white nail polish. Amazing work for all you witches out there!

Black Glitter Goth Witch Halloween Nail Art

Black glitter coffin nails with goth stickers for Halloween Witch Vibes.
image via @backtothenails

Sticker nail art that gives you a witchy vibe includes pentagram, cross, ghost and crescent moon stickers. I think the thumb is a skull, but the photo doesn’t show it well, sorry. Found on Instagram. Black glitter nail polish coffin nails with white vinyl nail stickers. Gothic nails to the core!

Sharp Metallic Witch Halloween Nails

Metallic colors long stiletto nails with jewels.
image via @nailsbyvicxyy

I thought these long stiletto nails gave off some witchy vibes. The metallic nail polish in greens and purples are to die for and super spooky. Includes accent jewel nail charms. If you’re dressing up as a witch for Halloween, these are great inspirational nails to make your witch costume even more witchy. The chrome color nail polish will stand out at any spooky Halloween Party!!

Fortune-Telling Witch Nail Art

Milky white nails with black witch symbols on these almond shaped nails.
image via @cosmos.nailart_

These medium milky white almond nails have hand-painted black nail polish symbols that are for the witch at heart. Snakes, sun, crescent moon, stars… all funky symbols for that witchy feeling. Witchy nail art is perfect for anyone dressing up for halloween as a witch or tarot fortune teller.


Cute Boo White Ghost Nails

Nude nails with white ghosts painted on each nail, black eyes.
image via @nailartbysig

If you’re looking for Halloween nail art that includes ghosts, these are the cutest little ghost nails. The majority of the nail is clear, with white painted ghosts and black dotted eyes. Very cute swoop ghost almost like he’s flying on your nails. These almond shaped nails are a perfect fit for your Halloween spirit.

Vintage Ghost Nails

All black nails, one accent nail has vintage ghost hand painted on it.
image via @sweet_experiencenails

Check out these vintage Halloween nails. I say vintage because the ghost looks a little old school to me. He’s super cool though. All mountain peak nails painted black with one accent nail done up with a ghost. These hand painted ghost nails are super freakin cute!

Basic Ghost Nails DIY At Home Nail Art

Black nails, accent nail is orange with white ghost, black face.
image via @gio_lueders

Looking for simple Halloween nail art? These oval natural nails include 8 all black nails and 1 accent nail on each hand. Each orange accent nail has a white hand-painted ghost on them. The ghost has black eyes and a black wide opened mouth like he’s spooking you saying BOO! You can call these Boo Nails if you’d like! These hand painted nails are so cute and could probably be painted up by anyone.

Ghost Face Nails for Halloween Nail Art

Nails inspired by the Scream movie with ghost face accent nails.
image via @nailsbyyday

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the “Scream” movies. This hand painted nail art on these long square nails includes ghost face on 1 nail of each hand. The nails are clear with black paint in a flame design or flat edge rounding design. If you’re looking for a scream, check out these ghost face nail art for your next Halloween nails this year.

Ectoplasm Nails

Clear, milky and glitter nail art.
image via @kireii_nails

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! This is a good alternative to the standard ghost nail. These neutral nails are spooky-like in that they look like goo or ectoplasm. They remind me of a ghost because of the milky color which includes glitter and clear transparent glitter nail tips. You can almost see a face in them as there are some peach colored dots on the nails, too. If you’re looking for Halloween nail art that isn’t traditional, but that will also fit in as neutral nails, these are the Halloween nails for you.

Long Coffin Halloween Nails

Long Coffin Nails Nude color with black and white spooky designs plus glitter.
image via @_.nailzbyadri

Cute nail art, perfect for Halloween. Includes ghosts, mummies, stitches and dripping black blood. Amazing work done on clear nails with black, white and silver glitter paint. Hand painted nail art done with love. Even some black hearts were thrown in there. Long coffin nail shape makes the art stretch out to show more cuteness.

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Spooky Ghoul on Golden Foil Gel Nails

Spooky ghoul ghost on nails, using black and brown foil gel nails.
image via @nails_by_hanna_h

Black and brown foil gel nails and the ring finger accent nail has a ghoulish ghost on it. Amazing nail stamp work. Dark and creepy nail art idea.

No Hear, See or Speak Evil Nail Art Ghosts

Cute short halloween nails, orange, black and white ghosts.
Image via @crazyflamingonails

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - GHOSTS! Love it! Other nails are orange glitter with stitches painted on them. Very cute and festive Halloween nail art. If you’re into ghosts and halloween, these spooky nail designs are for you.

BOO! Nail Art for Ghost Lovers

BOO! Halloween Nails with ghosts.
image via @chloesutherlandbeautyy

BOO! That’s what these ghost nails say! Cute little spooky ghosts on each nail, then the ring finger nail just says boo! I love how subtle and cute they are. Great for Halloween spirit nail ideas. Created with cat eye polish and hand-painted ghosts and boo!

Neon Ghost Faces Nail Art Designs

Neon Ghost Faces Nail Art.
image via @vikfan4

Oh these are fun! Looking for something dark and spooky? We have here some spooky ghost nail art with neon faces. Black glitter nail polish on each nail and little ghost faces hand-painted with a different neon color on each nail. Creative and fun.

Cute Girly Ghost Art for Halloween Nails

Girly ghosts painted on nails with pastel colors and stars.
image via @katten.nails

Are you looking for cute girly ghost nail art? Look no further! Girly colors like purple, pink, and turquoise stripes on the tips. The nail artist used nail stamps to create the ghosts and stars. Also used was some clear glitter polish to finish it off. Very good work, super cute and fun nail art.

Pastel Ghost Graveyard Nail Art

Matte Pastel nail polish, graveyard scene with ghost.
Image via @nailsbythemoon

Attention! I found more girly ghost nail art! These short round nails are a pastel graveyard scene. Cute little nails. You will find a ghost on the middle nail and trees, crosses, silver glitter and a crescent moon. Cute hand-painted nail art you will love!

Kitty Cat Ghosts Nail Art for Halloween

Cat ghost nail art on purple nails.
image via @nailsbythemoon

If you’re like me and are a cat lover, then you’ll love these kitty ghost nails! Hand painted cat nails are super fun, but add the ghost theme as a twist and you’ve got yourself a find set of nails. Purple background with a sprinkling of glitter.


Colorful Spider Webs Stamping Nail Art

Spider web cobweb nail art done with nail stamps in multiple colors.
image via @bostonmerlin10

Colorful spiderwebs on each nail done with nail stamps on these short black nails.

Neon Green Stiletto Nails with Spiders and Cobwebs

Neon Green Spider Nails. Long Stiletto green nails with spider webs.
image via @nailsbymarysiloamsprings

Creepy crawly spiders. Neon green on these xl stiletto acrylics. Spiders and cobweb nail art done with stamps.

Funky Clown Stripes & White Spider Web Halloween Nail Art

Halloween stripes nail art with cobwebs.
image via @priscila_val3ria

Fun colorful stripes with spider webs hand painted on them. Clown cobweb nail design for Halloween nail art.  

Halloween Nail Art for Spiderman Lovers

Spiderman nail art for Halloween.
image via @jimena.gc.796

I had to share these Spiderman nails. The pointer finger on these stiletto nails is a Spiderman face. Every other nail is like a spiderweb French manicure. If you’re looking for a unique Halloween nail with spiders theme, check out these cobweb French Manicure tips! Super cool and creepy.

Super Long Stiletto Nails with Orange Tips & Spiderwebs

Super long stiletto nails with bright orange tips and spiderwebs hand painted.
image via @beautybyhillsxx

Bright orange stiletto nail tips that scream Happy Halloween! And they include a spiderweb hand painted on the rest of the nail.

Gothic Chic Spider Lover Nail Art

Deep purple almond nails with silver spider web and spider design.
Image via @basicwitchnailz

For that gothic chick, deep purple lacquer, with silver webs and molten metal spiders on the accent nail.

Hot Pink With Creepy Spiders!

Nail Stamps for spiders and spider webs on Pink Nails.
image via @ydljnails

These long square nails are super creepy! Creepy crawly black spiders all over them! EEK! Made with matte bright pink nail polish and white spider webs made with spider web nail stamps. On top of the webs is the Black spiders made with spider nail stamps, of course! They aren’t real, don’t worry!

Beautiful Hand Painted Spider Nail Art

Hand painted spider nail art for Halloween nails.
image via @ujpestnails_by_mariann

If you’re looking for hand-painted spider nail art ideas, look no further. These nails are all hand-painted. Pinky is a pink-ish with silver glitter. Ring finger is light gray background with a fully hand-painted huge creepy spider! Middle finger is a shiny gel black nail polish. Pointer finger is light gray with a black spider web over the whole nail. Super epic work done here! I love it!

Realistic Spider Nail Art for Halloween

super realistic spider painted on these nails with deep turquoise holo nails.
Image via @sylwia.ka_1982

I can barely look at these nails without cringing!!! EEK! That spider is so realistic and creepy! What do you think? They did a great job on the details of the spider and how it reaches onto 2 of the nails makes me really creeped out! Fully hand-painted spider. And the other nails are a beautiful deep turquoise gradient holo glitter gel polish. Amazing work!

Scary Sexy Short with Spiders Nail Art

extra short sexy nails, bright red with scary spiders.
image via @hobbitthumbs

Sexy spider nail art! Yes! Bright red = sexy, most of the time! In my opinion at least. And even on short nails! These extra short nails were painted with a bright shimmery red nail polish. Then the artist used some “scary” spider and spider web stamps to create a creepy effect. Great job with this set. Short red nail inspo for sure!

French Manicure Spider Nail Art

Long stiletto French manicure with spiders.
image via @royalnailsbyjayde

Cobwebs for halloween! Beautiful and chic nail art. Go for a long stiletto French manicure and add some cobwebs and a spider and you’re all set for the creepy Halloween vibes.

Long Coffin Hipster Spider Nails

image via

Long coffin shaped nails with a little pizazz! In shades of greens and blue. Little tiny spiders all around with tiny polka dots, too. Very cute, very modern and fun nail design done with nail stamping. See our ultimate guide to nail stamping here.


Bloody Nail Art for the Horror Lover

Long scary stiletto nails with blood-like design.
image via @kovenx

Super long stiletto nails that scream with horror! Gotta love that blood dripping all over them. Great for your gory Halloween costume. Super shocking nail art, yet it's perfect for Halloween!

Horror Girl Nails

Horror girl nails with red glitter polish that looks like dripping blood.
image via @the.nail.homie

Plain nude long coffin nails with dripping blood all over them. These gel nails were created using red glitter gel nail polish and are super cool and creepy. Perfect for the horror girl in all of us!

Nightmare on Elm Street Nails

Freddy Krueger Nails, nightmare on elm street halloween nail art
image via @hellokryssie_nails

Freddy Krueger fans unite! These hand painted press on nails are literally to-die-for. I’m obsessed, how about you?

Cute Ghost Face Scream Halloween Nail Art

Cute girly nail art inspired by the Scream movies
image via @caris_nails

Scream!! Watch your back! These nails are a cute take on the scream movies with ghost face as the highlight of the whole set. Includes a large knife with dripping blood and some cute pink hearts. Hand painted and perfect!

Bloody Gorgeous Nails

Red blood with red glitter nail polish.
image via @thecraftyspooker

These are bloody gorgeous. Red glitter polish, plus one accent nail that is white with dripping red. Amazing work and the hand is even holding a knife to give it that horror movie look! AAAAHHHH! Scary!

Screaming Bloody Murder Nail Art

Long stiletto nails with blood designs for halloween and ghost face
image via @yournailsuk

If you’re into long stiletto nails and want to have the bloody vibe, these nails show just that! One nail even includes a peeking ghost-face from the Scream movies! Happy Halloween lovelies! Scream if you love this red nail inspo!

Gore Queen Nail Art

Bloody splotches and a knife nail art for horror halloween.
image via @ILLUMINATEbyLiana

Are you a gore queen? These long coffin nails will make you scream. Blood splotches and knives. What more could you want? These press ons are available on Etsy @ILLUMINATEbyLiana

Bloody Lava Lamp Nail Art

Long Stiletto nails with lava lamp blood tips and black nails.
image via @oksana.nikitanail

Wow, these stiletto nails are super cool like a bloody lava lamp! Amazing work!

Creepy Scream Nail Art

Scream movie inspired nail art
image via @rebel_girl_nails

Have you seen any of the Scream movies? This set of acrylic gel nails is created with scream as the inspiration. Dripping blood, cries for help and of course ghost face! Love the creativity that went into these.

Blood and Guts Gory Nail Design

Bloody guts and gory nail art for horror and halloween lovers.
image via @goregirlart

Are you into blood and guts and gore? This artist is all about that in these long coffin press on nails. You will find everything in this set from bloody dripping eyeballs to stitched up cuts to dripping blood and even bloody intestines. Super gory nail art that definitely fall under horror nail designs. Pretty creepy!

Creepy Dead Girl Nails

Creepy dead girl nails, milky white with blood red border
image via @nathsnailsgt

Looking for the perfect nails for your creepy dead person costume for Halloween? These are great because they look like your nails are actually bleeding around them. What a cool effect. They painted them with a milky white color nail polish and then took a bright blood red polish and painted all around the nail to give it this cool look like you’re bleeding and losing your nails.

Vampire Nails

Bloody Vampire halloween nails. White stiletto nails/teeth with dripping red blood.
image via @bugnails

Halloween Vampire Nails are the coolest! They resemble teeth as you can see, they are white. The thumb, middle and ring finger are all shortie nails and the pointer and pinky are long stiletto nails to portray the fangs of the vampire. They are dripping with red blood… er I mean paint! Lol. The paint effect was done with shelloloh clear builder gel. Amazing and creepy all at the same time!


Stripes and Jack's Face

Nightmare before Christmas inspired nails, jack skellington, stripes and purple/black.
image via @big_blue_speed_vixen

Cute short square nails for all you Night Before Christmas fans out there. This set includes black and white striped pinky nail art, purple-black-glitter ring finger nail art, The middle nail has a Jack Skellington face on it, created with a stamp. The pointer finger is mostly black with purple tips. Amazing work!

Spooky Jack Skellington Nail Art

Spooky nightmare before christmas nails black, white and silver glitter.
image via @nailgremlin

Stripes, swirls, glitter and Jack Skellington’s face. I love this look on the almond shaped nail. The perfect set of nails for the theme of Night Before Christmas nail art.

Sally Skellington Nail Art

The Nightmare Before Christmas nails inspired by Sally's dress.
image via @melissasmanis

This set of nails is created with Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas in mind. If you are dressing up as Sally for Halloween, this set is great inspiration for what you can do to your nails. This is similar to how Sally looks and is super cool.

Jack Loves Sally

Jack and Sally Skellington themed nail art. Stripes, swirls, patchwork and glitter!
image via @lusciousbeautyboutiquedayspa

This is Halloween! Oh how I love this set of nails done with hard gel nails round shaped nails. Each nail is unique and so fun. Spiders web, jack and sally embracing, dark gray glitter, black and white stripes and sally’s quilted dress all rolled up into one set of Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art design.

Oogie Boogie Nails for Nightmare Before Christmas Fans

Oogie Boogie, nightmare before christmas nail art.
image via @retouch_nails

If you’re a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie character, these nails are really cute!  Oogie Boogie nail stamp with other goopy green nail drips and a spiders web. Very cute in the green color on clear square gel nails.

Zero the Dog Ghost from Nightmare Before Christmas

Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas nail art design, pink coffin nails.
image via @mari.nails02

Cute little Zero nails from Nightmare Before Christmas. I am always a fan of the pets in movies or tv shows. Zero is so cute and the art on these nails are for anyone who loves Zero or Nightmare Before Christmas! Nails done in a sweet shade of light pink nail polish on long square nails. They are hand painted and the other nails include spiders webs, bats and a black cat on the thumbs.

If you love pink, and you love coffin nails - here is your coffin nail inspo and your pink nail inspo of the day!

BOO! Spooky Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

Nightmare before christmas themed with BOO written on these nails.
image via @asprettyas_nailsbykelly

BOO! Nightmare Before Christmas trying to freak you out with a big boo! The cool design on these is it says boo inside the faces of Jack and Sally. The B of the Boo has a spiders web and spider on it. The Pinky is black and white stripes and the thumb is a big black bat! Super cool popular design for all you lovers of Halloween!

Hand Painted Sally Skellington Nails

Free hand painted nail art - nightmare before christmas sally skellington, long coffin nails.
image via @nailsbysinead13

Oh wow! This free hand nail art set is to-die-for! All nightmare before Christmas themed. Super cool Sally Skellington nail art for you fans out there! Her face is the middle finger nail. A couple nails include her signature patchwork design and then a couple of nails are just dark glitter gel nail. Amazing work by a talented nail artist!

Pink Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

Pink coffin nails with jack and sally skellington hand painted.
image via @nailzbynat_

Long Coffin nails hand-painted with a pretty pink Jack and Sally Skellington design for all you Nightmare Before Christmas fans. Love this girly look created for Halloween season. Pink glitter polish with black “stitches” and little hearts.

Zero! Nail Art

image via @nailsbysinead13

ZERO! My hero! What a cutie! This nail set is dedicated to Zero of Nightmare before Christmas. Another design by the talented Sinead Bulley. Cute hand painted accent nails with his face and stops stripes and glitter to add more flair to the set!

Bonus Halloween Nail Art Designs

Fun and Cute Halloween Nail Art

Fun and Cute Halloween nails, pumpkin, spiders web, stitches and goop.
image via @betsybobbins_boutique

This gel nail set is perfect for bringing out Happy Halloween magic! The hand-painted nail art is super chic and fun. If you’re looking to get your nails done with a little Halloween spirit, gel nails are the way to go. They’ll last the whole month for spooky fun.

Orange Halloween Nails with Swavorski Crystals

Bright orange short nails for halloween with silver nail decals and swavorski crystals accents.
image via @gretu.nails

Simple orange nails with skulls and bat nail decals. Also on the middle nail you’ll see a strip of swavorski crystals to add a little girly flair. I love bright orange short nails. Perfect for Halloween nail art.

Amazing Nails with Bats and Skulls

Fun holo nail polish with bats and skulls nail stamps.
image via @nailpolishdragon

This set has amazing color - 2 nail lacquer colors shown with funky cool bat and skull nail stamps. Nail stamps are the way to go if you want something clean and consistent, yet super cool! You can even purchase them and put them on your own short nails if you don’t want to spend the money on going to a salon. See our complete nail stamping guide here for DIY nail stamping at home.

Creepy SAW Movie Themed Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto press on nails with saw movie theme
image via @tattedtips

If you’re into Saw the movie, these nails will rock your socks! Pink, red, and the famous creepy-ass saw face. Long stiletto nails make them extra hot! Press on nails that have been hand painted and stamped. Weird and creepy nail art.

Orange Nails with Black Cats

Cute Black Cat nail art on pastel orange almond shaped nails.
image via @nailsbymadisonbh

Ahhh, cute cat nail art is my jam! Black cats are a good halloween choice for those of us who love cats and want to show our halloween spirit with our nails. A nice pastel-ish orange with little black cats peeking out of each nail at a different angle.

Goth Kawaii Halloween Nail Art

Goth Kawaii nail art, Halloween press on nails.
image via @nailedwithlove

These press on nails are so cute for halloween. Hand painted goth nails - bats, flames, stars and orange clouds. Amazing kawaii nail art done with matte nail polish.

Monster Nails for Halloween

Monster nails for Halloween, hand painted teeth and eyes.
image via @tree.nails

This halloween nail set is spooky creepy fun! If your’e into monsters, you’ll love these. Teeth and eyes! That’s all it takes to creep me out! HAHA! Hand painted gel nails on short nails do the trick here for spooky nail art.

Batty French Tip Nails

French tip nails with black bats on the tips.
image via @dark_clawed

Batty French Nails?!?!? YES! Let’s do this! Love this look on these short almond nails. If you’re into French manicures, this is a halloween version for you bat lovers out there!

Candy Corn Nails for Halloween

Candy corn nail art, nail art stamping
image via @diy4digits

Does anyone love candy corn?? I am not a huge fan, its too sweet for me, but some people love their sugar no matter what! These candy corn nails are super cute created with nail stamps on these short natural nails.

Trick or Treat Nails

Trick or treat halloween nail art with candy designs.
image via @mstudionails_

You love candy? You love trick or treating? These nails are for you Halloween Candy Lover! A mix of candy and a ghost hand-painted on these nails. Background is pastel purple on these long almond nails.

Black Cat Nails

Clear nails with black cats that have green eyes and pink ears. Cute nail art.
image via @gotnail

You can’t have halloween without a black cat? Am I right? Another set of black cat nails. These were created with a stamp, but the details in their eyes and ears is really neat. I am loving the look of these on these short square nails.

Creepy Eyes

Creepy cat eyes on painted black nails
image via @lalaluna_nails

Creepy eyes in the darkness looking at you! BOO! What could be more creepy than that? I love this, cat eyes on each nail in the dark nail polish. Really cool spooky look to these short round nails.

Happy Halloween Bonesy!

Black matte nails with Happy Halloween painted on them in Bone shapes
image via @nailsbythemoon

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’ve got a bone to pick with this nail art. LOL. Happy Halloween written in bones over 4 fingers on black matte nails. These short almond nails are super cute and spooky. Great halloween nails for anyone!

Halloween Scene Nails

Hand painted halloween scene across all nails, witches, pumpkins, moon, bat, ghost.
image via @stuleckanails

Free hand nail art done on these nails with a halloween scene. Amazing work includes flying witches, pumpkins, bats, creepy house, ghost and trees. This artist went all out on these halloween nails!

Well, that's it! Hope it's enough! LOL. 50+ Halloween nail art ideas in this epic guide for Halloween inspiration! Hope you enjoyed it.

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