Weird, Shocking + Sometimes Gross Nail Art Designs

Weird, Shocking + Sometimes Gross Nail Art Designs

Nail designs seem to be getting crazier and wilder by the day.

Just doing a search on instagram and I came across so many wild and wacky nail designs that only a select handful of people would really truly be able to wear - being that some of these nails can be long, awkward and might hinder their ability to work at a job, or even be able to hold a fork to feed themselves!

Regardless, these designs are works of art and I just had to share them with you and decided to rate each one weird or not, shocking or not and/or gross or not - just for fun.

Hope you enjoy!

Lashes for Days Nail Art

long stiletto nails with a 3D blue eyeball with long lashes on one nail. Gray and nude stripes.
credit: @witchfacenails


  • Weird - yes.
  • Shocking - maybe, as in "creepy" shocking.
  • Gross - Not really gross, unless the eye creeps you out because it's looking at you funny, or in an odd way that grosses you out.

This nail design is spooky and amazing. The 3D eye is so realistic. Those lashes are to-die-for and all it needs is some brows! Long luscious lashes to go with these long stiletto-style nails. Could be a great halloween choice.

Realistic Facial Feature Nail Art

unusual 3D nail art of teeth, gums, eyeballs and includes a nail piercing with a chain attached between 2 nails.
credit: @1.115mev


  • Weird - Yes.
  • Shocking - they might shock you if you saw them on a strangers fingers, especially if it was your dentist!
  • Gross - maybe they could be considered gross because the features are so realistic.

Super realistic teeth and eyes nail art. The piercing on two of the nails with the chain connecting the two adds just an extra touch of funky weirdness to this set.

Friendly Face Nail Art

white nails with hand painted eyeballs and lips/mouth.
credit: @martinymanicures


  • Weird - they are a little weird.
  • Shocking - it is shocking how great the art is on these. Super realistic.
  • Gross - they aren't gross, in my opinion!

I love these white nails that have hand painted amber eyes on the pointer and ring finger and a mouth with plump red lips on the middle finger. Very cute set but still weird nail art in my opinion. If they threw on a unibrow, I think this set would be "all set".

Air Brush Eyeballs and Other Lumps

blue gel nails, shiny with eyeballs, air brush design.
credit: @chloes.claws


  • Weird - definitely weird.
  • Shocking - I would say yes these could shock you!
  • Gross - maybe these would be considered gross. They have a wet gooey look to them.

This set of nails is kind of creepy. Makes me imagine frog eyes or something from the jungle. They have a "moist and sticky" look to them.

Japanese Manga Inspired Nail Art

Nail art inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. Duck feet flare nail shape.
credit: @pinkartistry


  • Weird - yes, they have a weird vibe.
  • Shocking - Yeah, not only the design is shocking, but the flare duck foot shape is always shocking to me.
  • Gross - yes, the eyeball nail is especially bloody gross!

Nail art inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. If you're into anime and manga, then you know what's up with these nails and you probably are in love with their style!

Just a Few Eyeballs Nail Art

weird gross nail art eyeballs and skin
credit @hippiesnails


  • Weird - YES! These are definitely classified as weird in my book.
  • Shocking - YES! They will shock you if you just saw all these creepy eyes looking at you.
  • Gross - YES! They are so realistic and some are bloody and pus filled and skin around the eyes is purple colored which is like its bruised and looks pretty gnarly!

The matte look on these makes them so realistic, it's described as skin and eyeballs. I also see bloody pus dripping on one of the nails. Amazing realistic work done here!

Tooth Collection Nail Art

Realistic hand painted teeth on black nails.
credit: brujanailsalon


Weird - yeah, kind of weird, right? Not normal to just want to paint teeth on your nails...

Shocking - not totally shocking. The nails are also not very long, so they don't stand out as much as long nails would.

Gross - not very gross, unless pulled teeth or going to the dentist grosses you out, then these aren't for you.

Smile! Check out these hand painted teeth on this black nail set. Very detailed gothic art, I love it! I just don't know if I'd like this design on my nails! To each their own!

Zombie Nail Art

Rotten zombie maggots, pus and blood on fingernails. Nail art.
credit: @wiwaffles


  • Weird - YES!
  • Shocking - YES!
  • Gross - YES! What's NOT gross about maggots, blood and pus?

This set is probably the grossest ones I have in this collection (IMO). I feel like puking looking at them, to be honest. If you want to dress up as a zombie or dead person, get your nails done this way. This is the perfect nail art for that!

Into the Folds Nail Art

weird nail art skin folds and blood
credit @thedailynail


  • Weird - yes, these are totally weird, not sure why someone would choose this design, lol.
  • Shocking - kind of. They definitely made me do a double take.
  • Gross - yes! Wrinkled skin folds and bloody flesh looking nails are gross!

The artist of these nails proudly displays this look as the folded skin look. Great for an old persons halloween costume or just for a creepy look!

Brains! Nail Art

weird nail stamps with brain graphics
credit: @anirysart


  • Weird - yes, just a little weird. But I kind of think they are cute in some way.
  • Shocking - a little.
  • Gross - depends on who you ask. Like I said, I think they are kind of cute and they don't have blood or pus coming out of them, so they aren't that gross. But people who get grossed out by the bodies inner organs, or bodily injuries might find these gross.

These were done using the nail stamping method. Super cool and creepy all at the same time. Nice work for just a little spooky fun!

Ham Nail Art

nail art inspired by ham.
credit: @jadelacquer


  • Weird - yes. I just can't think of a reason to paint ham on your nails.
  • Shocking - a little. These kind of make me feel dumbfounded, really.
  • Gross - In my opinion - yes. These are gross. I don't like ham, so its gross. lol. But if you're a ham lover, then these might be beautiful to you!

The artist was inspired by photos of ham meals and created this one of a kind set for ham lovers.

Raw Steak + Maggots Nail Art

weird and gross nail art: raw steak with maggots
credit: @blognailedit


  • Weird - hell yes, these are weird.
  • Shocking - I would give these a shocking rating just because it's so friggin' random to paint a raw steak with maggots on your nails.
  • Gross - HELL YES! These disgust me to the max!

Hand painted raw steaks on each nail and with little cute maggots on them. What a unique nail design. I really don't know what the artist was thinking, but they get the thumbs up for weird, shocking and gross for me!

Fun Treats Nail Art

3D nail art: Cookies, ice cream and hot dog on nails with corkscrew pink nail.
credit @booktheunicorn


Weird - a little. Just because they're so random.

Shocking - yeah, they are long and colorful sharp nails with 3D food art and a corkscrew pinky - so yeah, they're shocking!

Gross - no.

Food nail art is super fun! Here we have a collection of the artists favorites - hot dog, ice cream cone and cookies. The pinky nail is another popular crazy nail art trend called a corkscrew nail shape. Amazing work on these stiletto nails! This set sort of makes me smile!

Seafood Nail Art

Lobster tail or shrimp inspired nails, curved duck foot flare nail shape.
credit: @pinkartistry


  • Weird - a little strange, yes.
  • Shocking - Not overly shocking, but they are long and curved nails with a weird design.
  • Gross - A little, maybe.

I am unsure what the intention of this nail design was, to be honest. The artist mentioned lobster tail and someone in the comments said it reminded them of shrimp. Either way they have a seafood look to them and it's a little strange and creepy to be on your nails.

Iced Soda or Iced Coffee Nail Art

weird chunky 3D nail art inspired by an iced brown soda or iced coffee
credit @hotnails666420


  • Weird - Yes. I've never seen anything like these before, so I'd say this is weird nail art.
  • Shocking - Yeah, they're a little long and abnormal and might shock me if I saw someone with them walking down the street.
  • Gross - The color and the shape is a little gross at first sight.

The artist loves iced soda and iced coffee and decided to create a nail art design to show their love. Pretty cool and creative nail art if you ask me!

High School Memories: Calculator Parts Nail Art

nail art inspired by tech, old calculator parts used on nails.
credit: @10110.c0m


  • Weird - Yeah, weird nail art with tech flair.
  • Shocking - Not overly shocking, they aren't extra long or anything, they just have random pieces of technology attached to them.
  • Gross - no.

This artist took their old trusty calculator and turned it into art on their hands.

Circuit Board Nail Art

nail art inspired by tech. Made with circuit board pieces.
credit: @tessnailsyou


  • Weird - Yes, stiletto nails that have parts from a computer or other technology is a little weird.
  • Shocking - Being they are long and shiny, they are a bit shocking.
  • Gross - not really.

Here we have a set of tech nail art on long silver glitter stiletto nails. The artist attached pieces of a circuit board to them.

Blackberry Nail Art

tech nail art made with old blackberry cell phone
credit @hotnails666420


  • Weird - Yes. Weird nail art is long and strange and full of pieces of junk tech.
  • Shocking - This nail set is pretty shocking because the nails are so long and strange.
  • Gross - not really gross, just kind of creepy.

Ever wonder what happened to your old cell phones? Artists might do something like this to them. The artist of these nails said this was her actual blackberry from the early 2000's. Pretty cool!


long colorful nails with actual piercings using barbell piercings, spiked balls.
Credit: frosted tips


  • Weird, yet cool!
  • Shocking for some.
  • Not very gross.

If you're a fan of piercings, this is such a cool nail set. Every single nail is pierced at least once. The artist used real piercing jewelry including spiked balls, balls, dice, pyramids and even hoops. The nails are random and colorfully painted, too.

Piercing Addiction Nail Art

Long Black nails with piercings and colorful barbell piercing jewelry all over them
credit: @nailsxmarissa


  • Weird - These are a little out-there!
  • Shocking - yes! They would be shocking to see if you weren't expecting them.
  • Gross - no.

A set of long black square nails with random piercings and barbell jewelry all over them.

Shining Star + Glitter Blobs Nail Art

long silver glitter and white nails with blobs and dangle star piercing jewelry hanging.
credit: @noangelnailz


  • Weird - Yes. And random.
  • Shocking - Yes. The nails are so big and over the top!
  • Gross - the blobs are a little gross like growths on the nails, but the stars add a little beauty.

Long fake nails with glittery blobs all over them. Each nail has a piercing with a star dangle jewel charm hanging from it.

Alien Egg Blobs Nail Art

blob alien egg nail art silver and white long awkward nail shapes.
credit: @garrasnovas


  • Weird - Yes, these are considered abnormal and weird nail art.
  • Shocking - yes! I would be shocked to see these.
  • Gross - yes, they are a little gross like silver and white growths on the long nails.

The artist was looking for a creepy alien egg look and they sure got it with this weird nail set.

Crystal Rock Nail Art

weird nail art 3D crystal clear rocks on nails
credit: @unitas_f3ass


  • Weird - Yeah, but cool at the same time.
  • Shocking - yes they would be shocking to see since they are misshapen and odd.
  • Gross - no, not really gross. They are kind of beautiful.

If you are looking for weird nail art in the shape of crystal clear rocks, here is some good inspiration!


Extra long nails, with gypsumgel polish, looks like carved stone with dirt-like texture.
credit: @hotnails666420


  • Definitely weird, in a unique way.
  • Kind of shocking in shape, length and texture.
  • And may be gross to some people!

Got Rock and Dirt? This set of nails is super unique. The artist was aiming for a carved stone look. Created with Canni nail gypsum 5G05.

With the extra long nail shape there is more room for creating the textured and carved look they were going for.

Seashell Nail Art

weird cool nail art made with real found seashells
credit @unitas_f3ass


  • Weird - even though these are pretty cool earthy nails, I'd say they are strange.
  • Shocking - yes - they are not something you see everyday.
  • Gross - not really gross.

All it takes is a love for the sea and seashells and you can create this weird nail art. Might be a little precarious with seashells on your nails, so be careful if you give this a try!

Poop Stained Nail Art

white with brown smears on them like poop smears.
credit: sublime ongles


  • Weird - Yes, stiletto nails with brown streaks on them is odd.
  • Shocking - yes - the shape and color choice is going to shock you!
  • Gross - yes, they are gross to me. What about you?

Not sure what the artist was going for with these weird nails. To me it looks like smeared poo, but maybe they just like the color brown???

Wipe Away the Poo Nail Art

nails inspired by poop and toilet paper. Poop created using coffee grounds, toilet paper is real paper.
credit: @christinails_it


  • Weird - Yes! But the design is also kind of cute in a poopy way.
  • Shocking - yes, the texture and the roll of paper is pretty funny and shocking.
  • Gross - Yes because poop is gross and unsanitary when its on your fingers!

The artist took coffee grounds and applied to each nail to make the textured look. They also made their own little mini roll of toilet paper to give it the full weird nail art a poopy effect! HAHA, this set is kind of funny and makes me laugh!

Poopy Day Stamping Nail Art

nail art stamps with toilet, toilet paper and poop.
credit: @alleehgatorclaws


  • Weird - Yes, not sure why someone would choose poop as their theme for their nails.
  • Shocking - yes because poop, toilets and toilet paper on your nails is not normal.
  • Gross - the color and the designs are all gross things.

Nail stamping was used to create this set of nails - because why not? Who doesn't want poo-poo nail art on their hands? The artist also used a very sh!t-like nail color with glitter to add that special effect!

If you're curious about nail stamping, we have an ultimate step-by-step guide you could check out here.

Kitty Litter Nail Art

Nail art with kitty litter and cat poop, and even a litter scooper as the thumb nail.
credit: @geekwitchnails


  • Weird - Yes, it's super weird, but read below for why the artist created this nail art.
  • Shocking - Yes, pretty shocking to have some poop and cat litter on your fingernails.
  • Gross - Oh yes! Kitty litter is one of the grossest things ever, especially when poop and pee are involved.

This set of nails was inspired by kitty litter and cat poop, but was created as a part of the hashtag #trashnailcollab as a challenge on instagram to create nail art using things around the house that are considered trash and would never be on your nails as art.

They did a great job and I am especially fond of this creation because I have cats and do the scooping daily! :)

Murder Rabbit Nail Art

Hand painted nail art with bunny, bloody axe and a bunny cave scene.
credit: @geekwitchnails


  • Weird - A little strange.
  • Shocking - Not totally shocking, but kind of surprising in that they are so strange.
  • Gross - not gross unless you get grossed out by blood.

Not sure what the artists inspiration was with these, I just really liked the details of the hand painted art. The rabbit is especially cool in that the nail was cut out into the shape of the bunnies head and ears. Very cool and creepy murdering rabbit design.

Funky Fresh Joint Holdin' Nail Art with Birds

thick 3d nail art with birds and a joint holder on the thumb nail
credit: @chloes.claws


  • Weird - I would say yes, this set is a little weird nail art collection. Probably created while high on the ganja.
  • Shocking - a little, especially if you live in a place where weed is illegal or you are a prude.
  • Gross - not gross.

The artist went all out on this design. We got beautiful 3D birds on two of the nails, and some lumps and bumps that remind me of candy or fruit - perfect for when you get the munchies.

Then on the thumb nail the artist added a hole to place your joint in for easy smoking. Super creatively weird nail art!

Bloody X-Acto Knife Nail Art

bloody nails with some lipstick nail shaped exacto knife looking nails. painted chrome.
credit: @nailsinurcoffin


  • Weird - Yes and creepy, too.
  • Shocking - Hell yes. These are shocking.
  • Gross - yes. Getting cut up with an X-acto knife would be gross and scary and it freaks me out!

A strange set of nails, great for a halloween costume as a murderer. A few of the nails were shaped into x-acto knife shapes with chrome polished nails and the lipstick shape plus a little bloody look with red polish on the tip. The other nails have some dripping blood on them to give more of a horror feel.

Murder Weapon Nail Art

Sharp murder weapon nails with blood - axe, knife, dagger, hammer
credit: brujasnailsalon


  • Weird - Yes, but great for any creepy people out there who love horror movies.
  • Shocking - Yes. But not overly shocking since it's just nail stamp art.
  • Gross - a little, if you're not into blood.

Simple short nails with some nail stamping art on them of a dagger, axe, knife, and hammer all with blood dripping from them. Creepy horror themed nail art.

Hot Pink Matching Nails and Toenails Nail Art

hot pink glitter nails and toenails with extra long toenails
credit: @hotnails666420


  • Weird - Yeah, but the only reason being that the toenails are so long that I don't even know how you walk with those nails, or put on closed-toe shoes!
  • Shocking - YES!
  • Gross - Kind of. But the pretty pink and glitter nail polish is throwing me off to thinking they are cute.

Have you ever thought about growing out your toenails or just getting acrylics on them? No? Me either. These nails (especially the toenails) are over the top in weird nail art land.

I couldn't imagine these being easy to have on for long periods, just walking from the couch to the fridge would be a struggle with nails this long on your toes!

Werewolf Toe Claws Nail Art

weird nails toenails werewolf toeclaws made with wax
credit: @lessthanhuman


  • Weird - Yes, but super creative!
  • Shocking - yeah, if I saw these on some person randomly at the beach, I'd be a little shocked.
  • Gross - not to me, but some might find them hideous!

The artist took some wax and moulded the claws and attached to the nails to give them a werewolf look. Amazing work and great for a costume.

Red Talon Nail Art

Sharp red talon toenails, weird nail art
credit: @ladyleconte


  • Weird - Yeah, I wouldn't want to get poked by these!
  • Shocking - yes, and the red polish really adds to the shock!
  • Gross - no.

This artist really wanted to go with a sexy look. They created sharp stiletto nails for their toenails and painted them bright red. I just would be careful with these and I'd think they'd snag on everything and I'd fear I might poke someone with them on accident!


Overall, I am pretty proud of my weird nail art collection. I hope you enjoyed and please share with your friends your favorite nails from this collection!

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